Monday, December 25, 2017

Adventures in Cayman Brac

Anna and I spent a week scuba diving and cliff climbing on the island of Cayman Brac, 90 miles off Grand Cayman.  Cayman Brac Beach Resort, with 44 rooms, is the only hotel on the island.  For those who are interested, "brac" in Gaelic means bluff. The bluff is 140 feet high.

The guests we met were all very friendly and interesting.  Many have been scuba diving all over the world for many years. The staff at the resort were all happy and helpful; the meals at the resort were very good.

We have captured some of the spirit of our adventures in photos and videos:

Anna's under-sea videos:

Anna's Under-sea photos:!AlAa5dUOzaIOgXMu5KRlwQ6v0hs9

GoPro videos of 140 foot multi-pitch climb over the water:

Because we were the oldest people to do this multi-pitch climb, our guide, Angel, arranged for a friend to use a drone to photo-capture our adventure: