Saturday, August 26, 2017

Post-Tokyo OBX

We went to our Nags Head beach house with Lynne and Jim.  Weather was sunny, hot and perfect ocean temperature.

We had to buy a new (large) bottle of Patròn tequilla (and we got a free cold bag to keep our margaritas at the correct temp)!

Anna and I ate Dungeness crabs at Dirty Dick’s Crab House and then went to the top viewing platform at Kitty Hawk Kites to watch the sun set over Jockey’s Ridge.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Visit to Our Tokyo Family

We flew to Tokyo to spend two weeks with the Kurodas: Hiroko and Ren and the four children - Chikage (daughter, 10), Riku (son, 8) and the new twin boys, Naoya and Masaki.

Chikage, Riku, Anna, and Ren with the twins:

We went to a local street fair, and ate some great food; and Riku won a prize:

You need small fire engines to get down very narrow streets!

Just walkin' around town:

Yukata de Gin-bura Festival in Ginza:

To get at prizes frozen in ice and buried in snow, Riku had to work:

Anna with twins in a baby changing room:

At the mall in Roppongi Hills with Hiroko's parents, Masami and Kazuko.

Riku loves cars.  He took Masami into the driving simulator:

Refreshment time!

Oh, and did I mention Ren took Anna and me to train with the Spartans in Tokyo?