Monday, July 30, 2018

Keith Urban Concert

Anna and I went to the Keith Urban concert at the Walnut Creek Amphitheater.  We sat first row center and Anna was in heaven.  First we did the traditional tailgate:

At the end of the concert, Keith Urban tossed out guitar picks and one of his [very sweaty] wrist bands.  I caught the wrist band and gave it to my Sweetie (she knows this is the closest she will ever come to his DNA).

Monday, July 16, 2018

Gourmet Dinner at the Fearrington House Restaurant, Pittsboro, North Carolina

Anna and I went back to this restaurant after too long an absence.  We had a drink at the bar and of course Anna had to try their signature cocktail, El Cazador (the hunter).

The menu:

We shared a lovely amuse bouche of coconut cream on spoons.  Anna's bread choice was rye with chocolate nibs and braided French bread and I chose the corn muffin. Then Anna chose the poached chicken with morels, trout with a foam cloud, speck wrapped rabbit, and soufflée for dessert.  I had the same main course, rabbit - but I had fois gras, and quail first.  By the time it came to dessert (I, of course, had the chocolate tart) we couldn't wait to photograph the dishes - so they are half-eaten in the slide show below:

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

A Quick week in Bavaria

Anna and I made the long-awaited trip to visit her relatives in Germany.  We had a fabulous time in both Bamberg and Bayreuth.  We stayed with Aunt Johanna and Uncle Hans in Bamberg, where Anna was born. Johanna bought fresh bread every morning and served us the famous Bamberger bratwurst! We did all the tourist things: the Old City, the Rose Garden, "Little Venice", the Dom Cathedral (Emperor Heinrich II had the Cathedral constructed in 1002; and it was completed in 1012), and Altenburg Castle.

Oh, did I mention the smoked beer (the original brewery is still there - since 1405)?

Entrance to Old City:

Short video at the entrance to the old city:

The Rose Garden:

A very brief look at "Little Venice" on the boat ride along the Regnitz river:

DOM Cathedral 

Slideshow inside the Dom:

Anna's cousin Luvo took us to the highest point in Bamberg, the Altenburg Castle:

We also visited Levi Strauss’s hometown of Buttenheim.  The house he lived in is now a museum.

Luvo owns a glider repair shop.  Originally, the shop was owned by his dad, "Uncle Hans", and it built gliders. Anna and I toured the shop which now repairs old (wooden) and modern gliders sent from all over the world. And of course he arranged for us to get a glider ride.

Very short video of Anna taking off:

Then Luvo took us to his beautiful home where we met the rest of the family - Heike, Ella and Hannes; and Luvo barbecued LOTS of meat. Hannes, who is already taller than his dad, was at tennis and then went to a dance so he's not in the photo.

Next, Anna and I were picked up by another cousin, Hans-Peter, brother of Luvo, and driven to Bayreuth (where Wagner had his own opera house built).  We toured the streets of Bayreuth and then we met the rest of the family, Claudia, Anna and Katia, had coffee and wonderful cake, baked by Claudia, and later went out to dinner.

Wagner Museum:

The next day we had a spectacular breakfast and then did a hike in Franconia (where there is world famous rock climbing) with Hans-Peter and Claudia.

Hans-Peter's studio:

Anna had to return to the university:

On our last day, Hans-Peter took us to Nuremburg from where we would take a train to the airport in Frankfurt.  We roamed the streets there and of course ate some of their famous bratwurst.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Vacation in Roatán, Honduras

Anna and I went diving for a week off the island of Roatán.  The weather was perfect and the sea temperature was 83 degrees F.  We did 11 dives, one of which was a shark dive (intense!).  We have posted Anna's wonderful underwater photos and videos.  

Anna swimming with the sharks (I made this video):
The following video of the shark dive was done by the videographer at the shark dive company.

Free swimming turtle:

Free swimming eel:


Anna's underwater photos:

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Top Rope Climbing Progress

Anna is constantly improving at the climbing walls (Triangle Rock Club).
She climbed this short wall 5.9+ twice.  What a woman!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Adventures in Cayman Brac

Anna and I spent a week scuba diving and cliff climbing on the island of Cayman Brac, 90 miles off Grand Cayman.  Cayman Brac Beach Resort, with 44 rooms, is the only hotel on the island.  For those who are interested, "brac" in Gaelic means bluff. The bluff is 140 feet high.

The guests we met were all very friendly and interesting.  Many have been scuba diving all over the world for many years. The staff at the resort were all happy and helpful; the meals at the resort were very good.

We have captured some of the spirit of our adventures in photos and videos:

Anna's under-sea videos:

Anna's Under-sea photos:!AlAa5dUOzaIOgXMu5KRlwQ6v0hs9

GoPro videos of 140 foot multi-pitch climb over the water:

Because we were the oldest people to do this multi-pitch climb, our guide, Angel, arranged for a friend to use a drone to photo-capture our adventure:

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Oma's 90th Birthday Celebration

Very special weekend.  The far-flung family flew in to the Triangle to celebrate Anna's mom's birthday. A dinner at a wonderful restaurant in Raleigh had been organized. But then Liz and Sean surprised us all by getting married here! The eldest brother Paul was the officiant. Then cousin Chris and Prem announced the sudden arrival (at UNC in Chapel Hill) of their first child.

Oma and Gideon